Women’s health

Doctors Denise Nicholson, Sarah Robson and Nina Baker  have a special interest in and excellent knowledge about women’s health, including:

• menopause and peri-menopause

• period and hormone issues

• contraception including mirena and IUD fitting

• pregnancy and postnatal mental health

• incontinence and urine problems.

• pessary fitting and changing

Our experienced practice nurses are all trained in women’s health. At your appointment, you will see a nurse first, before your detailed assessment with Denise, Sarah or Nina


Women’s health appointments are available to all women – you do not have to be enrolled with Straven Medical, and you don’t need a referral from your own doctor.

To make an appointment, phone our receptionist on 348 5749 and ask to book a women’s health appointment. We can offer evening and lunch time appointments.

The first appointment usually takes about 45 minutes. The time required may vary depending on the nature of the health issue.

For an idea of cost, see our Fees page

No matter what your stage in life we can help with the issues that affect you as a woman